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We are Johnny and Alicia Dean, the owners and creators of The Northwest Wood Co. 

Last December, Johnny quit his machining job of 5 years and we started up The Northwest Wood Co, on nothing more than faith and a few ideas and A LOT of coffee.   

We launched our online store in March. In May we started doing Farmers Market's in the Skagit Valley. In July, we opened a storefront of our very own in La Conner, Wa, and also got our first two wholesale customers. I think opening a store was the scariest and most exciting thing I've ever done. 

All in all, our lives are rather unconventional. We are also musicians, pastors, bloggers, homeschooling parents to three little ones, and whenever our budget allows, we are fixing up our very 80's home. Yeah...pray for us.  

We never dreamed our business would come so far! Mostly, we feel incredibly blessed and grateful to be where we are. Even with all the long nights and learning curves and disappointments, we wouldn't trade a moment. 

Our kids mean everything to us, and we know what it is like to struggle and wrestle with paying bills and putting food on the table. Trust us. We've so been there. Many times. 

But we have this strong conviction that living in America affords us endless opportunities and we want to be a blessing to others even when it's hard. 

So, no matter what, we donate 5% of every sale we make toward non-profits that help families thrive both locally and globally. These are non-profits we already support and love. 

We all get to be a part of seeing our world change for the better. And we think that's a pretty great way to live. 

Work hard. And be generous. That's our motto.

Thanks so much for stopping by!