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4 Super Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses


In a world dominated by Amazon and Target, the whole “Shop Small” mantra can easily fall flat. 


Shopping Small can mean paying more. It can be inconvenient. And chances are, you won’t get the free option of next-day delivery. 


But...Shopping Small DOES mean supporting a local family. It encourages creativity, art, and potential within your OWN community. And, often, small businesses are what set YOUR TOWN apart from others. 


Basically. Small businesses rock. 


Do you love a small business? Helping to get the word out is half the battle of growing a community and/or online presence. 


Here are 4 simple ways to support small businesses without spending a cent. 


  1. Like them on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Write a review
  3. Tag a friend and share a post
  4. Give the owner/creator encouraging feedback and don’t be afraid to offer suggestions for improvement or growth. 


Supporting a small business is a wonderful way to invest into a community you love. 


So, get to it!