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Pacific Northwest Inspired Names For Baby Girls

I was watching a Bob Ross episode with our boys a few years ago and Bob Ross said, “Today, we are gonna paint Alaska. God was having a good day when he made Alaska.”

That’s how I feel about the Pacific Northwest. There is so much beauty here. And who wouldn’t want to name their daughter after such a lovely, green, ever-growing place?

And even if you’re not sure about a nature-inspired first name, consider using one of these for an adorable and original middle name.


Lavender - lavender grows in abundance in the PNW. Our weather is perfectly suited to the herbal flower. Known for its calming and healing effects, this flower makes an adorable name.

Vesper - Vesper’s Peak is a gorgeous hike in the Cascade Mountains with a view that inspires reverence and reflection, thus the name.

Autumn - Fall in the PNW is stunning. Enough said.

Winter - I personally adore this name. It sounds so fresh and pure and reminds me of the snow covered peaks that look out over the valleys near the Puget Sound. And there is nothing on this earth like a winter sunrise over snow covered mountain tops.

Meadow - Isn’t this name just lovely and serene?

Fern - Ferns simply thrive in the PNW and some even have healing properties. Lush and green they grow here in abundance.

Juniper - A PNW native plant with edible, light-blue berries. This name is delightful!

Helen - Mount Saint Helens erupted over 35 years ago and the recovering ecosystem has given way to a surprising and stunning new forest growth that is simply breathtaking.

Clover - a sweet tasting little wild flower that has developed a knack for growing in the most unexpected places.

Ocean - If you have lived in the PNW for awhile, then you just know that the scent of salt water and the cry of gulls means you are home.

Tulip - The Skagit Valley is home to the largest tulip farms in America. Rivaling only Holland, our tulip fields are simply spectacular. Plus. How cute is the nickname Tuli??

Lake - Stunning, tranquil, and azure blue lakes dot the Cascade Mountain Range. These lakes are simply other-earthly. They almost look like they belong somewhere deep in middle earth.