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4 Reasons Why Shopping Small Matters

Just two months ago, we started up The Northwest Wood Co. with a dream and a lot of determination. 

Starting our own business has been far more work than we anticipated, but gosh we love it. And we don't plan on stopping any time soon. 

Actually, starting The Northwest Wood Co. has opened our eyes to the world of small business. We realize how much work goes on behind the scenes, now. And boy, it's a lot

Here's why Shopping Small Matters in a REAL way...

1. When you shop small you're supporting a dream.

2. When you shop small you're supporting a family.

3. When you shop small you actually create a demand for small-scale products, which usually means higher quality and durability

4. When you shop small you invite community into your home. Because it takes a community of people to succeed at ANYTHING, especially business. 

See. Don't you want to shop small more often, now? 

Yeah. Us too. 

Thanks for helping us build our business and live our dream!